School Facilities

School Bus

Emphasize the school's dedication to student safety during bus transportation


our playground is a place for everyone to have fun, explore their abilities

Positive Learning

we believe in fostering a positive and inspiring learning environment

About US

The Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. RUMI ENGLISH HIGH SCHOOL affiliated to GSEB is one of the most reputed institution Managed by Madresa Moinul Islam Trust which came into existence since 2000. The school which started as a small sapling with 13 students has now bloomed as one of the elite institutions having 1300+ students & still growing.

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Open admissions, or open enrollment, is a type of unselective and noncompetitive School admissions process in the Himatnagar,Gujarat in which the only criterion for entrance is a high school or a certificate of attendance

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School Activity

Sports Activity

Organize sports challenges that students can participate in during breaks or physical education classes.These challenges could include relay races, obstacle courses, and basketball shooting competitions.

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Chess Activity

Create a collection of chess puzzles and challenges that vary in difficulty. These puzzles can focus on tactics like forks, pins, skewers, and checkmate patterns Encourage students to solve these puzzles.

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Vollyball Activity

Start each volleyball session with a series of warm-up exercises. These can include light jogging, dynamic stretches, and volleyball-specific movements like pepper drills to get students ready for the game.

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